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Homesteading and Country Living are filled with lots of challenges. Rather than find yourself unprepared, use this Free Buyers Guide to help you build a comprehensive tool kit of over 50 essential tools so that you can be ready to face whatever rural living might through your way. 


When I first came into the countryside with my family we brought a bunch of tools with us. However, we quickly discovered that there were a number of essential tools that needed but didn’t have. Another thing I learned very quickly after coming to the country is that Amazon Prime doesn’t work. You know that really awesome “same-day” shipping thing they do? Yeah… in the country you can think of it more as “same month” shipping. So ordering things, like tools, batteries, and so on, from Amazon on short notice is out of the question. And even close by hardware stores are sometimes 20+ miles away, so going out to get this or that when you find you need it isn’t entirely practical either.

This why having tools to handle all sorts of situations and emergencies on hand is so important when living in the country. You want to be able to enjoy the country life, and tackle things head on when they go south, a well prepared tool box will be a huge help with this. 

This Buyer's Guide is Ready to Help You

  • Feel confident that you have the tools you need to tackle all sorts of situation head on. 
  • Give you peace of mind that you have what you need to handle emergency situations.
  • Help enjoy country living without having to worry about things going wrong all the time because you have the tools to handle it when things go south. 


Are you ready to start building an awesome homesteading toolkit? Do you want to prepare yourself for all sorts of situations with the right tools? The Toolkit Essentials buyer’s guide is ready to help you build the ultimate homesteaders toolkit.

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